David Schlueter, Esq.

Practicing law since 1983, Mr. Schlueter has extensive experience representing clients in the fields of Construction Law, Construction Defect, Real Estate, Business Litigation and Personal Injury.  In addition to his extensive experience in both mediation and arbitration, he is well versed in negotiating settlements and trial practice.  Mr. Schlueter leads the firm's practice in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

David is a skillful risk manager who, by taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of a case, strategically positions stakeholders for maximum resolution opportunities early in the litigation process.  His experience and training in mediation benefits Parties throughout the dispute resolution process, often leading to early settlements.

As a trained neutral, Mr. Schlueter has honed his skills, developed through decades of litigation practice, for ascertaining the sometimes complicated agendas in a dispute, whether they be financial, emotional or, as is often the case some combination thereof.  He assists Parties in finding common ground and reaching compromises that provide for resolutions consistent with their litigation objective while preserving the dignity of all involved.

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